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The Plastic People

Last updated on 26th July, 2019

The Plastic People is a five-star rated plastic supplier, offering you everything from acrylic sheets to polycarbonate, PVC and even nylon.

I recently came across this company when building a case for my 3D Printer. I was really impressed with the ease of use of their website and the customisation possible.


  • Customisation possible such as custom sizes, polished edges, rounded corners and cut outs. All ordered through a user friendly website.
  • Extremely well packaged for delivery – almost zero chance of your order being damaged in transit.
  • High quality finish on all the products I received – cuts and radii where accurate to 0.5mm.


  • I found the website naming of products by application to be a little irritating. For example whats the difference between acrylic “clear furniture protectors” and “clear acrylic splashback”?
  • Minimum order is £36 – easy to fill if you are ordering for a bigger project but a bit steep if you just need a one off.

Check out their website at

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