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Simplify3D Troubleshooting Guide: Solving that 3D Print Issue

Ever had a 3D print issue that you just can get you’re head around? Well, me too. And there are loads of resources out there suggesting all sorts of crazy fixes. But believe it or not, sometimes resources on the internet are wrong…I know…mind blown! That’s why I always make a note of the really helpful websites with great information – and Simplify3D’s trouble shooting guide is one of them.

It is focused around their (also awesome) Simplify3D slicing software but most the the information can be adapted to different slicers.


  • Very clear photos and descriptions of the issue. This makes it a really quick process to get to the heart of your issue!
  • Clicking on the defect photo takes you through to a clear problem description followed up by common fixes.
  • Related issues: in some cases, especially when you are working on a fresh printer build, there can be multiple faults. Hence, related issues offers other potential issues to check.


  • None – thanks Simplify!

So next time you have a 3D print issue, check out Simplify3D’s excellent troubleshooting guide here. Let me know in the comments or get in touch and let me know where you end up after a failed print.

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