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Last updated on 26th July, 2019

MISUMI is one of the world’s leading suppliers of configurable mechanical components for special purpose, plastic mold and press die machine construction.

Misumi –

Misumi is one of my all time amazing suppliers! The configuration based purchasing system is a thing of the future and I think many more suppliers will go down this road.


  • Configurations, configurations, configurations…I can’t stress this one enough! The ability to get a custom made component with such ease is a thing of gold and saves a ridiculous amount of time with designing, drawing and supplier management.
  • Solidworks plug in: if your a user of Solidworks, then this one is a must for you. Their plug in allows you to configure a component and directly insert the CAD into your assembly. It carries across the part information such as price, leadtime and Misumi part number for ease of purchasing later.
  • Generally great prices. I say generally since every now and then I see a component which seems double what it should be! However, generally speaking, prices are very reasonable especially given your getting a custom made component.
  • Great leadtimes – usually within a couple of days.


  • DON’T SELL TO INDIVIDUALS! This is a major blow for hobbyist projects since you need a company to set up an account with Misumi.
  • Due to the enormous product range, it can be really difficult to find the parts your after. Most products have the technical detail on that particular product, but it can be very difficult to find compatible parts. For example, try to find adjuster feet compatible with 2020 aluminium extrusion (I assure you – they have plenty to choose from!).

Check out Misumi’s great product range at

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