Machine Mart: Tooling Supplier

Specialist chain supplier of branded tools and equipment for DIY, building and home improvement.


Machine Mart is one of those tools shops which feeds my bad habit of buying new tools. They stock a wide range of general tools and some of those specialist that you might suddenly realise you need.


  • Huge range of stock items including some specialist equipment such as garage, woodworking or metal working tools.
  • Good selection of brands ranging from the hobbyist level right through to high end tools.
  • Clean website with clear categories with a great search results.


  • Sometimes limited information on products. Product descriptions are often only a sentence or two and the technical specs are sometimes lacking. Things such as weight and basic dimensions are key to knowing if it will fit in my workshop!
  • Following on from the above point, machine mart doesn’t provide product info such as user manuals or datasheets on its website.

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