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GrabCad Community

Finding CAD online can be a tricky process, especially if you are looking for something in a native CAD software format. This is where Statasys’s GradCad is stands out from the crowd: it has filters for over 50 software packages leading to native file format downloads.


  • Completely free CAD library, tutorials and challenges
  • Native file formats for over 50 software packages, plus 1000’s of downloads in generic file formats such as stl
  • Full colour models in VRML, OBJ and many other formats


  • Not really a con, but some sub categories would be a great additional search tool

GradCad Community can be found here. Don’t confuse it with GrabCad Print (Stratasys’ printer software), GrabCad Workbench (online file storage) and GrabCad Shop (work order management software).

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