Fusion 360 CAM

Fusion 360: CAD, CAM and all round awesome software

Fusion 360 CAD/CAM software connects your entire product design & development process in a single tool.


Fusion 360 is a very powerful CAD, CAM & CAE package which is free to hobbyists. It is the most comprehensive free program that I have come across and houses many environments in one slick user interface.


  • Smooth transitions between design/sculpt (CAD), manufacture (CAM) and simulation (CAE) environments.
  • Online based making shared projects and multi device access a breeze
  • Full free licence for hobbyists and hobby businesses


  • When creating an assembly, you can only insert parts from the same project. This gets pretty annoying when you are trying to reuse that part that you already designed!
  • Node based connections. When connecting parts and components in assemblies, Fusion 360 uses single nodes connections. This is probability a personal preference here but I prefer to use edges and faces rather than nodes.

You can check out detailed features and find the download options on Autodesk’s website here.

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