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Last updated on 12th February, 2019

During 2017 my wife and I were on the hunt for a wedding venue. This was made particularly difficult since we were living in Bristol at the time and planning the wedding in the North East of England. We decided that we were looking for somewhere with onsite accommodation, a licenced ceremony room and ideally no curfew.

We looked through many online directory sites only to be disappointed at the selection.

Search results: 2 ‘Barn’ wedding venues found in the ‘north east’ – I don’t think so…

The vast majority of directory sites only listed venues which had paid to be on their site. Hence, we were seeing very few venues that took our fancy (usually super expensive with big marketing budgets 😉 ).

So we went about it a different way. We download the UK government’s list of registered venues and coupled that with postcode geolocation data. And essentially, there we had it!

A unfiltered search which showed us all the wedding venues in the UK (and not just the big fancy expensive ones with marketing budgets!).

Well fast forward a year and I have taken what we did in Excel, and turned it into a free directory website to hopefully help other couples like us. We are still working on getting all the UK venues added but we already have 1000’s of wedding venues listed.

Check it out at the below link and drop me a comment, email, like or share!

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