Ikea Hack! 3D Printed Cutlery Holder…

So here is a really quick and simple ‘Ikea Hack’ for you! We were after a cutlery holder for our kitchen windowsill and couldn’t find anything that fit the bill…so there is only one thing for it… build it: 3D printed cutlery holder!

Now I am a big believer in not 3D printing things for the sake of it. And in this case there is absolutely no point in printing a pot. Somewhere like Ikea is full of them. All shapes, sizes, materials and all prices.

So the one I decided on was the “VILDAPEL” from Ikea. Low cost, great size and a nicely finished bamboo material.

All that was needed was to sketch up some dividers in the amazing Fusion 360. After taking some quick measurements of the Ikea pot, it was a fairly simple design. I added five sections into the pot: knifes, forks, spoons, small spoons and a final one for all that stuff that you have no idea where to put!

I printed the divider in two parts and glued them together. However, in hindsight, there is absolutely no need for this! The divider can be printed in one hit but I’ll leave the decision to you. Here’s all the stl files for this one if you want to make one yourself:

In terms of print settings, I kept things pretty simple:

  • Material: White PLA
  • Layer Height: 0.2mm
  • Shells: 4
  • Infill Percentage: 20%
  • Top/Bottom Layers: 4

And there we have it, 3D Printed Cutlery Holder! Drop a comment below if you make one, remix it or get in touch by the contact page if you would like a copy of the Fusion 360 files. Enjoy!

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